They didn’t talk till six years but Juhi did something to save Aamir’s first marriage

Juhi chawla and Aamir khan have worked together in many hit films. Both of them were liked by ‘Kyamat se Kyamat tak‘ till the ‘Ishq’ movie. But after the Ishq film, both have never worked in any film. Only a few people know that despite having a close friend of both in a single round, Aamir and Juhi did not talk to each other for about six and seven years due to one reason.

Juhi has also opened the secret in many interviews that Aamir played with her prank. Actually, Aamir had a habit of playing prank and he has been troubling his co-stars many times. In this sequence, there was great intensity in Aamir and Juhi. Aamir made a joke with Juhi which he did not like. Aamir told the juhi that he knew the astrology and he asked to see the hand of the Juhi. As soon as the Juhi handed him hands, they spat on their hands. The result was that Juhi got very angry at Aamir and both of them started talking to each other during Ishq’s shoot. The dialogue was also blocked such that it did not allow the effect of shooting on both the films.

Juhi And Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan himself, while talking to about his fight with Juhi, said that it is a fact that there was a fight between the two because of a stupid reason. Then on the set of Ishq, where the juhi was seen he did not come. Yes, but during the scene both of them used to give the shot. After this, the two did not talk to each other for many years. But Aamir says that when he and Rina were getting divorced from each other, at that time Ishq had been released for many years. After seven years, Aamir received a call from Juhi. Aamir says that Juhi knew what i would not take the call. But still he called and I also picked up the phone. Juhi then said that i have to meet you. What i am hearing this you are divorcing to Reena why are you separating.

Comedy Scene of Ishq Movie

Aamir says that Juhi came again and we met each other. He explained me a lot that even a nice couple. You people were very happy with each other. Then why would you want to be separate? Aamir says he will never forget that the Juhi tried his best to convince him. Aamir says that now that she has made a film like Rubru Roshni, in spite of passing through a lot of grief, even after losing her family, she has forgiven those who make mistakes. So they think that those who used to stop talking to someone in anger it was so stupid. Let me tell you that Aamir Khan and Juhi chawla’s movie Ishq was one of the super hit films.

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