Katrina Kaif in Bharat Movie, Salman Khan had been seeing such a scene….

There was ever something between Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif but now both of them separated. Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor came into relationship and both of them got separated. Between Katrina and Ranbir is now a big distance but with Salman Khan is just professional.

These days a picture of Katrina Kaif is getting viral, in which she is looking like she is burning fire in the water. This photo has the caption of just flipping out but this is not the rest. Likes has so far reached more than 16 lakhs. Some are also asking, Does Salman Khan has no issues with this photo. That’s because people remembered the day when a picture of Salman Khan and Katrina was overwhelmed. This photo was of that time when Katrina was in the relationship of Ranbir and went on vacation in Spain in Ibiza in 2013, where her photos were snatched away.

Katrina then pulled out the excitement of her heart by writing an open letter to the media. Salman Khan, while expressing his anger in the media, said that if you see any pictures of your mother or sister or boyfriend/girlfriend in your house then how will it leak? The personal censorship of the stars is wrong. After being separated from Ranbir, Kat hired Salman Khan and worked in Tiger Jinda Hai.

Katrina and Salman are going to be see in the movie again in Bharat. This is a remake of Korean film Ode to My Father. This film going to be released on Eid. Salman and Katrina will be seen in young in old look. The film is about to begin shooting in Mumbai’s film city and it is reported that Salman has decided to leave the house for a few days and put it in film city, so that he does not wants to waste his time in traffic. Disha Patani is also there in Bharat movie.

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