How to File EPF monthly Return/ECR, Know step by step

EPFO has made a simple process to file monthly ECR through Unified portal. As we know that EPFO started a process of UAN number, which is generated by an Employer at the time of employee registration in EPF (Employee Provident Fund Scheme).

This scheme is applicable on those employees who are getting monthly basic pay up to Rs.15000/- If some-one is getting monthly basic pay above Rs.15000/- then they will get three option first they can opt-out the EPF scheme i.e. they can deny registering in employee provided scheme, second they can contribute their contribution more than 12% of their monthly basic pay, third option is they can also contribute 12% of their basic pay as the other normal employees are contributing .

The main point is if someone is started contributing in EPF scheme then till the retirement he/she will have to contribute the same in EPF scheme. In case, his/her next employer is not covered under Employee provident fund scheme then there is no way to contribute in EPF scheme and in another case like your first employer was covered under EPF scheme where you started EPF contribution and then your second employer is not covered under EPF scheme where cannot contribute in EPF scheme and then in future you joined your third employer and which is covered under the EPF scheme so in this case, you will again have to contribute in EPF scheme.

Today we will let you know how to file monthly ECR/EPF return step by step

  • Login at
EPFO Unified Portal
  • Then move your cursor to Payments tab and then click on ECR/Return Filing

Monthly ECR/EPF Return Step by Step
  • Then click on ECR upload.

Monthly ECR/EPF Return Step by Step
  • Now, Download the ECR excel file after selecting of wages month and the file type.

Select your ECR file type
  • Fill all the details required in that excel format like Gross Wages, EPF Wages, EPF Wages, EPF Contribution amt. etc. the wages amount for EPF, EPS and ELI will be the same in case of where an employees getting monthly basic pay more than fifteen thousand the EPF wages will be the actual amount and for EPS and EDLI it cannot be greater than fifteen thousand as the employer is liable to contribute in EPF scheme the maximum amount of Rs.1250 (8.33% of 15000) and the rest of amount Rs.550 (1800-1250=550) in EPF EPS Difference remitted.

ECR Dowloaded Excel File
  • After this convert this excel file to CSV and then convert in text format.

ECR Text File
  • Now upload your text file after selecting your wages month, Salary disbursal date, File type, Contribution rate etc.
Upload ECR text file
  • After this it will ask you to finalize the statement, so finalize the statement and then you will get an option to generate challan.
Generated EPF Challan
  • Click on generate challan and the put the amount 0.5 percent of total EPF wages in a/c no.2 and the same 0.5 percent in a/c no.21 and after this click on submit and pay the amount.
Check your EPF ECR filed or failed

Finally your monthly ECR has been filed. I hope it will help you all to file EPF montly return thorugh Unified portal of EPFO.

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