Dell is helping in the Growth of SMEs

Small Industries (SMEs) that provide employment to crores are an important contributor to India’s development. It is the backbone of the economy, which also protects the country from economy crisis in the recession. With the changing times today SME is writing the development saga. According to the ANI report, a survey conducted by India SME forum has shown that after the Demonetisation and GST, SME has created around 2.46 lakh jobs in India.

Today the trend of business is changing and the technique has played an important role in it. In today’s time without any technology, the growth of any industry is not possible and SMEs are not untouched by it. In the current phase, Digital India has provided many new opportunities for emerging and old business people associated with SMEs. There was a time when a company needed limited resources to run and did not require much of the technology. But time changed and people’s thinking changed, and accordingly the companies also changed themselves.

Today, with the maximum use of technology, these small industries are increasing their productivity and their access to the customers has become very easy. Apart from this, it is also giving a smart and relaxed environment for their employees.

Using technology, small scale industries are creating new roads in the development of India. Although there are still many small industries that are running on the old path and are hesitant to step in with changing times. According to Vinod Kumar, President of India SME Forum, 42 percent of SMEs do not own any website. Not only this, there are many SMEs in the country who do not even have computer facilities. These figures show that even in the case of technology, many small enterprises are still very behind. If you are running a company and want to stay in the competition, then considering the times of today, it is very important that you have basic things like computers, laptops, printers, Wi-Fi, own website etc. These are things related to technology that do not require much investment as well as necessary.

In 2018, the central Government has started facilitating the loan of up to Rs.1 crore in 59 minutes to enable the SME to carry forward small business. Plus, small business will be given a 2 percent discount on the loan. Like the government, Dell company which has created computers and other accessories has always been helping SMEs grow technically. At present, Dell is offering many offers at the end of the financial year 31 March 2019. Depending on the purchase price, you can buy technologies accessories for Rs.20,000. Apart from this, you can also get one year extra warranty with windows 10 pro. Dell has made an integrated arrangment of hardware, software and services to help domestic enterprises improve their efficiency from time to time and offers in technology accessories is also a form of this system.

Second most employable areas play a big role in MSME economy and work to accelerate the country’s progress. In the country, small industries are making significant contributions in many areas from embroidery to medicine, from farm barn to sports fields, from clothing to weapon, but to make it more robust and developed, it is very important to be technically educated and making conscious is also very important.

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