After Pad-Man now Akshay Kumar will become Prithvi Raj Chauhan

Akshay Kumar’s lead role in the film, created on the life of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, who is called the last hindu kshatriya King of India has been decided. The film will be begin this year but it will be released by next year.

With this film, Akshay Kumar will once again be in the battleground. This year his film kesari release is going to be based on the Battle of Saragari. This film will be produced by Yas Raj productions while chanakya fame Dr.Chandra Prakash Dwivedi will direct the film.

Although the official announcement has not been made yet, according to the sources, Akshay can start preparing for his roll soon.

“Prithvi Raj Chauhan’s tenure of Chauhan dynasty was between 1178 and 1192. His empire stretched from Ajmer to Delhi. At the age of 15 Prithvi Raj had 13 queens sitting on the throne of the King, but his love story was always festive with his coincidence. He fought with Mohamed Gori many times and made him captive. But in a war Gori conquered Prithvi Raj and tortured him in many ways by making them captive. He became blind later, Prithviraj made a plan in collaboration with Chand Bardai and eliminated Gori from the verbal arrows. Rao chand bardai bhatt in his bok Prithviraj Raso explained this warrior in detail.”

Some time ago Sunny Deol had said that he was working on Prithviraj Chauhan’s biopic, but for some reason he had to leave the project.

In the last days when Akshay was asked that Prithviraj Chauhan was a bit thick, would he raise the weight for the character? On this Aksahy said in a funny manner that you have seen…him? I believe in a very natural process with weight. I can increase a little weight but i do not believe in doing anything by giving excessive pressure and neither can I ever do it.

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